Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Real Bride: Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's Official Wedding Portrait by Avinash Gowariker

Official Wedding Portrait for Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, by Avinash Gowariker

As a general rule, with the exception of Bollywood Bride, I post very little to do with celebrity weddings.  This is not a gossip or celeb news site after all, and I think I do what am good at and leave it there.  I do, however, post and write a lot on good style, and well, that can come from anywhere.

Outside of the obvious attempt to look like a traditional regal couple, the "new royalty" of India, I really love this photograph.  For a woman like Kareena Kapoor, who graces the silver screen as a bride hundreds of times over, we are so used to seeing her all glammed up as a bride, that there are really are no surprises on the day of, even in the hands of a capable designer like Malhotra.  There is very little that is new.  Except of course, when she tries something old. In this case it is a lovely antique restoration of her mother-in-law's sharara, reworked by designer Ritu Kumar.  The beauty of the piece, even after all these years, speaks to the value of heirlooms passed down through generations. They reinforce tradition, old-world beauty, craftsmanship, heritage, and most importantly and sense of family and belonging.  The vintage quality of the dress gives Kareena a very genuine, romantic air that could not be achieved by any custom piece or couture design simply because this sharara is unique in it's history and lineage.

I like the pose of the image too, because first and foremost, it's taken by the official photographer, who may have plenty of images taken for the couple's personal records, but this one they choose to release, making it what they want the world to see of them as an officially married couple.  I prefer to all those grainy, out of focus candids we saw through other people's phones and paparazzi snaps.  We all get to choose our photographers and the way we pose for our wedding pictures, because we want the world to see us the way we see ourselves through the lens of a photographer we trust.  I see the same dynamic here, and I can appreciate it.

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