Friday, January 22, 2010

Real Bride: Simple, But Sweet - Part II

This is a continuation from a previous post which you can check out here.  It seems that these days, everyone is trying to find a way to look unique and un-traditional, as a way to be memorable.  But I think this bride proves that it is possible to be traditional but carry it so well that you make it your own.  The end result is a look people will remember for a long time after. 

Beautiful.  A friend of mine saw me working on this feature and she thought this girl was a friend of mine, and her jaw dropped as she asked me, "Where did you get such pretty friends???"  Hahaha.  Just had to mention that cause she made me laugh.

This wedding was send to me by Ghazala of Forever and Ever Photos and MissJy's Moments.  She works all over the UK for weddings, parties, functions and business events. You can e-mail her at

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